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The story of AscentCleaning is, like the story of so many in New York City, a story of the American dream. It's a story of dedication, hard work, a commitment to excellence, and of rising up from the bottom.

Lawrence Fanfair immigrated to New York City from South America. He began, as so many do, by driving taxis. But he soon realized that, although the job was interesting, it wasn't going to pay nearly enough to make ends meet. He knew he had the drive and desire to be an entrepreneur, to make something out of nothing. And so, after some reflection, he decided he could fulfill a universal need: he could start a cleaning service.

At first, the jobs were few and far between. But through his dedication and relentless pursuit of excellent service, word began to spread. He landed a few big jobs cleaning high-rise homes that led to referrals among friends. He was able to make a Kate Spade store in the Village sparkle, which led to other branches and finally the flagship store in Manhattan. Over and over, satisfied customers saw Lawrence's team hard at work, fulfilling and exceeding their expectations.

That commitment to being the best, that desire to make it — and to make a difference — in New York City led Lawrence's team to success, servicing over 750 monthly accounts. And now, with the start of his latest venture, AscentCleaning, Lawrence is ready to lead his team to even greater heights.
With over 15 years' experience cleaning up New York City, the AscentCleaning team is ready to make your world sparkle. We pride ourselves on our personal touch and stress-free services. We focus on your individual needs, exceeding your expectations as we clean your home or business. That's a guarantee.